Hongdo Lighthouse

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Hongdo Lighthouse
Location 5 Hongdo 2-gil, Heuksan-myeon, Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
First day of operation February 1931
Visual Aids Type FGC-CA-375 (120V-1000W)
Period 3 Flashes of White light, 20 seconds (Fl(3)W 20s)
Range Geographical 24 miles, luminous 40 miles, Nominal 24 miles
Audible Aids  Type Air siren
Period 5 seconds with 45 seconds pause
Range 3 miles (5.5km)
Special Aids Type Automatic Identification System (AtoN-AIS)
Period 3 minutes


Large ships travelling between Busan and Incheon pass through the outward sea route, Dokgeo archipelago - Maenggol archipelago - Sojunggwan archipelago - Heuksan archipelago, and through the western coast of Hongdo island therefore a lighthouse was erected upon the ridge of Seobangsan mountain on the northeastern part of Hongdo island, 89 meters above sea level. Since the early 1980s, the lighthouse was developed into a tourist attraction. The lighthouse is visited by more than 12,000 visitors annually, and during the peak season from spring to autumn the lighthouse enjoys a constant stream of tourists.

Structure and characteristics

  • Structure : A white quadrilateral concrete structure with dual level ladders installed inside and an additional ladder on the outside
  • Characteristics : Height of the lighthouse is 10m, and the lighthouse summit is 89m from mean sea level.


  1. Feb. 1931 : Initial lighting of Hongdo lighthouse, Communications department of the Japanese Governor-General of Korea
  2. Apr. 1993 : Lighthouse lantern improvement (HY610mm→FAC-CA-375)
  3. Nov. 2001 : Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) installation
  4. Nov. 2008 : Weather signaling system installation (measuring wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature)
  5. Jul. 2012 : AIS installation (Yeosu Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office maritime transportation facilities Integrated management system construction project)
  6. Mar. 2013 : Hongdo Lighthouse, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Mokpo Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office


  • By ferry
    • Route : Mokpo passenger ferry terminal→Hongdo island
    • Distance : 120km
    • Time to destination : 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Information: 061)243-0116 (Dongyang express), 061)244-9915 (Namhae express)
    • nquiries : 061)244-9915 (Namhae Express, on odd-numbered days), 061)243-2111 (Dongyang Gold, on even-numbered days), 061)246-3888(Hongdo Lighthouse)
    • * Ferry timetable may change due to weather conditions

Caretaker status

  • No. of caretakers : 3 caretakers
  • Duty rotation : 3 shift rotation in 24 hours

Nearby attractions : Gitdaebong, Mongdol beach, onboard tours