Hajodo Lighthouse

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Hajodo Lighthouse
Location 429 Jododeungdae-gil, Jodo-myeon, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do (Changyu-ri)
First day of beacon February 1909
Light wave beacon Type KRB750 (220V-700W)
Signal 1 Flash of White light, 10 seconds (Fl W 10s)
Range Geographical 19 miles, luminous 43 miles, Nominal 26 miles
Sound wave beacon Type KRB375(220V-700W)
Signal Signal length 5 seconds, pause 50 seconds

Background of construction

A manned lighthouse with substantial illuminating power was constructed at Hajodo island, a key point for ships with displacement tonnage under 10,000 tons travelling between Yeosu, Busan - Mokpo, Gunsan and Incheon.

Structure and characteristics of the lighthouse

  • Structure : A white circle concrete structure with a helical staircase inside and an additional staircase on the outside.
  • Characteristics : Height of the lighthouse is 14m, and the lighthouse's summit is 48m from mean sea level.


  1. Feb. 1909 : Hajodo lighthouse, Lighthouse office at the Customs Department of the Korean Empire
  2. Dec. 1945 : Maritime department, Transport division of US Military Administration
  3. Dec. 1955 : Mokpo Regional Maritime Affairs Office
  4. Dec. 1977 : Hajodo lighthouse, Mokpo Regional Maritime and Port Office
  5. Aug. 1988 : Navigational Beacon Management Office (renamed), Mokpo Regional Maritime Port Office
  6. May. 1997 : Hajodo Aids to Navigation management office, Mokpo Regional Maritime and Fisheries office
  7. Mar. 2008 : Hajodo Aids to Navigation management office, Mokpo Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office

Directions to the lighthouse

  • By ferry
    • Route : Mokpo passenger ferry terminal Hajodo Aids to Navigation management office
    • Distance : 68Km
    • Time to destination : 6 hours 30 minutes
    • Inquiries : 061)243-0116 (Mokpo passenger ferry terminal)
    • Route : Jindo Paengmokhang port Hajodo Aids to Navigation management office
    • Distance : 11Km
    • Time to destination : 40 minutes
    • Inquiries : 061)544-5353 (Paengmokhang passenger ferry terminal)
    • * Ferry timetable may change due to weather conditions

Caretaker status

  • No. of caretakers : 3 caretakers
  • Duty rotation : 3 shift rotation in 24 hours

Nearby attractions : Dorisan mountain pavilion observation deck, Gwanmaedo island,Shinjeon beach