Protected marine areas

Protected Marine Areas

  • Legal ground: Article 25 of the Conservation and Management of Marine Ecosystems Act
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Act is to protect marine ecosystems from artificial damage and conserve or manage marine ecosystems in a comprehensive and systematic manner, such as conserving marine biological diversity and promoting the sustainable use of marine biological resources, thereby improving the quality of national life and protecting marine assets.
  • Designation of Protected Marine Areas
    • Sea areas where marine ecosystems maintain primitiveness or sea areas worthy of being preserved or of being the subject matter of academic research thanks to diverse marine organisms
    • Areas which need academic research or preservation and the sea areas with high basic productivity or which are the habitats or spawning ground of protected marine life and thus are recognized to need preservation
    • Other sea areas which are especially necessary for the effective conservation and management of marine ecosystems
Protected Marine Areas
Type Designated Area Date of Designation Area
Protected Marine Areas Protected Marine Area in the Sea around Gageo Island 2012.11.30 70.17㎢
Protected Marine Area in the Sea around Sohwa Island 2012.11.30 0.81㎢
Protected Marine Area in the Sea around Cheongsan Island 2013.11.28 71.38㎢